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The hotel break for up to 2 nights should be regarded as an annual special recognition award for volunteers by Trustees, Management and Volunteers of Elizabeth House.

It is an acknowledgement and show of appreciation for an individual volunteer's outstanding contributions and achievements over the year.  The criteria below guide the management and Trustees in the things to consider when determining who should receive the award.  The intention is to look more broadly than someone who happens to have done one thing at one time, for example organised or helped at a fund raiser.


Determining The Winner

The ultimate sanction of the winner of the award will be the Trustees as a committee.

However, in practice,  the people who should make the final recommendation for the award must be the manager and trustees who have more involvement with the running of Elizabeth House. This is because they will know more of the volunteers.  However, any trustee, member of staff or volunteer could recommend someone. The trustees that have the more day to day involvement are :-

  • Jenny Elton

  • Bill Bennett

Together with the Manager they will form the panel that will make the recommendation to the Trustees.

Nominations and agreement of the winner will be timed to enable the winner to be announced at the Annual Volunteer Recognition event which is held in Nov/Dec each year.

We will have succeeded in the approach if there is general acceptance that the winner deserves the award and that we have been sufficiently transparent.


Service and Dedication: individuals who have consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to Elizabeth House over the year and preferably longer. This could include volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their efforts.

Note: a volunteer must have been with Elizabeth House for at least 12 months to qualify for consideration. This is a requirement of the Hotel award scheme.

  • Impact: Made a significant difference in the lives of our members, other volunteers, or employees.


  • Innovation: Have introduced ideas or approaches that have positively affected the Elizabeth House operations, fundraising, or projects


  • Fundraising:  Organized or contributed to successful fundraising campaigns or secured valuable grants and donations to support the charity's work.


  • Advocacy and Awareness: Raised awareness for the Elizabeth House cause, advocated for its mission, and mobilized support from the community or decision-makers.

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