Peta Jamieson – Painting Is Such Fun: 3rd April to 25th May 2018

We have a new artist for the Gallery at Elizabeth House for our exhibition through April and May.  Peta Jamieson works part time as an artist, living near Reading, “a fantastic reprieve from the corporate world”, as she puts it.  She had painted earlier in her life but had not had the time for it for many years.  It’s now seven years into her new life creating a variety of work, mainly abstracts and landscapes. It’s mixed media, using whatever is to hand. “If I want a certain colour it really will not matter to me if it is paint, pen or pastel. I just like to have fun with what I do.”
Call in to see Peta’s work between 9am and 3pm weekdays, with a one-hour break at noon.  The show runs from 3rd April to 25th May.  The Gallery is on Station Hill, Cookham Rise, SL6 9BS.