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John Stretton is 100!

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Press statement from the Trustees

Elizabeth House provides support for its members during lockdown

  • Elizabeth House is the ‘go to’ Day Centre for independent over 60s in Cookham.
  • Whilst its normal Day Centre operations are in enforced closure, its operation continues to actively support its membership by weekly phone contact with regular members.
  • Staff and volunteers from Elizabeth House, working from home, engage with members during their self- isolation to support them both emotionally and practically, by checking they are okay, to help them resolve any problems, to liaise with families and when necessary refer them to Cookham SOS for help.
  • When Elizabeth House closed its doors to its normal clientele it offered its building and resources to the newly formed Cookham SOS operation acting as its Community Hub location. Its manager, Miriam Blazey, assisted the organisation with the volunteer recruitment programme (275 volunteers) and administered the start-up exercise – distributing leaflets and an ID badge to each volunteer and staffed the SOS telephone helplines.
  • When Elizabeth House finally closed its doors last week until the end of the lockdown, all EH staff and volunteers as well as SOS communications transferred to home locations.
  • The Elizabeth House Trustees willingly agreed at the outset of the Cookham SOS operation to freely put its building, resources and all associated costs at their disposal. It is not involved in any way with the Cookham SOS Just Giving website and is happy to leave any funds raised on that site to be spent on emergency needs as identified by the organiser of the site Justine Moody. Equally Elizabeth House will not be seeking funds from the site.
  • Cookham Voluntary Services (CVS) which provides transport to enable local people to access medical appointments and which is normally housed at Elizabeth House has similarly evacuated the building but is continuing to offer a service with a volunteer controlling the network from his home and with a dedicated team of drivers committed to helping their patients.
  • It is important that people in the local area, many of whom have generously contributed to Elizabeth House and CVS understand what we are doing. We could not be doing it without their generous support now and in the past.
  • Chris Harris, Chair of EH Trustees said:
    “I would like to take this opportunity of thanking our brilliant team of staff and volunteers for their unstinting commitment and contribution to the support of our EH members during this difficult and challenging time for them.”

9th April 2020

Elizabeth House Re-opening – 7th September 2020

Elizabeth House reopened on Monday the 7th September 2020. We are now having two sessions of lunch and entertainment each day. The first session runs 9:30am to 12:30pm with a sit-down lunch served at 11:45am The second session runs 1pm to 4pm with a sit-down lunch served at 1:15pm. We are ensuring that all health, safety, hygiene and social distancing measures are in place to keep everyone safe. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Elizabeth House Cookham AGM

On  behalf of the Trustees of Elizabeth House, we inform you that this year’s AGM has been postponed due to the COVID-19 situation.   As you will appreciate, Elizabeth House premises are not big enough to hold a meeting of all the members who would like to attend the AGM whilst 2 metre social distancing is required.   Our Constitution and The Charity Commission allow for a postponement of the AGM.   A new date has not been set but it will be in 2021 and we will be issuing the notice at the due time.   This is of course disappointing but it is felt to be better than conducting the AGM with very limited attendance which would be the case if it was held on the originally planned date in July 2020.