From Near and Far – Maidenhead Camera Club: 29th July to 1st September 2017

Photographs from near and far: the power of digital
The August exhibition at the Gallery at Elizabeth House features work by the Maidenhead Camera Club, with a range of landscapes and other subjects, mainly taken in the Thames Valley but extending to Italy, Iceland and the Far East.  The exhibition runs till 1st September.
In addition to the usual weekday opening hours (9am to 3pm) there is a special open evening on Tuesday 1st August, from 7 to 9pm, to which all are invited.
All the images are captured, processed and printed digitally, demonstrating how – in less than twenty years – digital photography has equalled film and the darkroom in the clarity of images and longevity of prints.  Although none of the selected images were taken on a phone, there is no reason why a smartphone, used thoughtfully, cannot be used to produce exhibition-quality pictures.  The low cost of entry to digital imaging has led to a surge in membership to the best camera clubs, including our local Maidenhead club.  So come and be inspired!
Some of the images from the exhibition